What can Fit & Healthy Nutrition Do For You?

  • Medical Nutritional Therapy for Bariatric Procedures: Pre & Post-op

  • Medical Nutritional Therapy for Diabetic Patients (Type 1 & Type 2)

  • DNA Testing

  • Nutritional Counseling for Targeted Weight Loss

  • Custom Menu Planning

  • Nutritional Seminars/ Lunch & Learn



Statement of Purpose

Fit and healthy nutrition aims to be the premier RDN practice in the Contra Costa area that specializes in the treatment of general nutrition needs for private and referred clients while being acknowledged by local medical practices as the preferred specialist for Bariatric and Diabetic treatment within the insured clientele market.

Who Are Our Clients

People of all ages and backgrounds within a 30-mile radius of the Pleasant Hill area with medical insurance or out of pocket payers, who are looking for customized nutrition plan prescribed by a highly qualified medical specialist.  Diana’s ideal clients are motivated, committed to healthy change, and open to her advice.

Fit and Healthy Nutrition Story

Fit and Healthy Nutrition is run by nutrition expert, Diana Urcuyo, RDN who throughout many years of clinical experience has seen the real and lasting impact medically sound nutrition counseling has had on the lives of her clients and their medical outcomes.  She is passionate about making sure everyone who needs specialized advice on their diet, receives it whether they are referred by a trusted Physician or seek to find answers as a private client.  While Diana is happy and qualified to help with all nutritional needs, she specializes in Bariatric and Diabetic care.

Are YOU ready to?

Enjoy a  relationship with food that doesn’t involve deprivation or guilt?  Feel like you are at a healthy weight that you have reached by healthy means?  Be able to enjoy activities again?  Finally, be able to maintain a weight you desire for good?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for you to call or email me to schedule an appointment.