Hi, I’m Diana Urcuyo, MS, RDN, CDCES

Welcome to Fit and Healthy Nutrition. My goal, is to help you achieve yours! I am a Registered Dietitian. I specialize in helping people from all walks of life learn to make better choices and improve their health through better nutrition.

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Ready for a fresh start?

Are you looking for a change? Have you plateaued or don’t where to begin? I can help! Whether you’re looking to prep for an upcoming Bariatric procedure, make better choices to control your blood sugar or just trying to loose the baby weight, I have the skills and expertise to get you there.

Information You Can Trust

Eating right can be confusing at best and overwhelming at its worst. With so many trends and misinformation, it’s hard to know what is needed to nourish your body and make healthy choices. As a Registered Dietitian, I learned information based on science and nutritional facts, not fads. And I keep up with the latest research to help you stay in the know.

Innovative Technology

Sometimes studies aren’t enough and you need customized information just for you. I’m proud to have DNA and other nutritional testing available to customize your experience and achieve better results. From what your best eating habits should be to if you lose weight best with strength training versus cardio, these innovative tests can help.

Certified Expert

A lot of people say they are fitness coaches, diet counselors and nutritionists. But if you do your research you’ll find very few practicioners have any kind of license other than an online course. I am a Registered Dietitian,  and a Certified Diabetes Educator with a Masters Degree in Science. I am accredited medical professional with a documented history of success, referred by physisicans. I’m not a weight loss challenge guru on social media.


Fit and Healthy Nutrition knows that just like everyone has custom dietary needs, our clients need custom solutions. Diana has created options whether you need specialized medical counseling or you need a medically backed advice in order to feel your healthiest and take off or maintain a weight loss goal. Any service is a step in the right direction to live your best life.


Got Vitamins?

Looking for vitamins and supplements you can trust?

Over the years I’ve looked for nutritional supplements I could recommend to my clients and my family. I’m so happy to introduce you to the Fit and Healthy Online Supplement Store!


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Customizable for your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Diana if you don’t see your question

How does nutrition counseling work?

Nutrition Counseling is nutrition education + coaching + problem solving + support that gives you the best chance at long term success.  Together we create a relationship that beyond just our sessions together.  Together we develop tools that work with you and fit into ​your life. 

What to expect during the sessions?

For sessions purchased as part of a package, we will have ample time to develop an eating style to maintain a healthy weight while not depriving yourself of things you enjoy.  We will find solutions to barriers past and present.  I will help you dig down to find motivation that will last a lifetime.  

How do I get referred by my Doctor?

If you have a medically diagnosed reason to see me you can ask your doctor for a referral.

Where will the sessions be conducted?

Sessions can be held at my office in Pleasant Hill and/or virtually on a HIPPA compliant platform.  We can do a combination of in person and online as well.

What are my qualifications?

Unlike someone who calls him or herself ‘a nutritionist’, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, meaning that I received a degree (a masters in my case), completed an internship, passed a state licensing exam, received my license to practice as a dietitian both inside and out of hospitals, and am required by the state to maintain that license through continuing education.  
Regardless of who you choose to help you with your needs, you should consider a licensed dietitian nutritionist  given the high level of scrutiny that we must undergo to practice with your safety in mind.

I am interested, now what?

If are wanting to use your insurance to cover the sessions, please look at the Services page to see which companies I can accept. If you find yours on the list, it will be your responsibility to verify coverage. Paying out of pocket? Simply email me to make an appointment.

Do you accept insurance?

Please read my insurance information here

“Diana was the force to getting me in the best shape of my life before my wedding. From training to offering nutritional advice to keeping my food journal on track, Diana was always on top of the newest research and recipes that helped me reach my goals.  I still look to her for nutritional guidelines (even advice on feeding my picky children!). She is the most supportive professional I could ever imagine.”

Jen P.

Los Angeles, CA

“Diana is amazing at what she does! She not only has a wealth of health knowledge, she is also stellar at relating. Those sometimes tough and honest conversations are handled with grace and humor, making challenging life changes just that much easier. Diana has always come from a realistic approach when it comes to nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. Having a dietitian that knows what you “should” do, but also incorporating a little of what you “shouldn’t” do, makes her a step above the rest! With Diana, be prepared to learn, be prepared to change, and know that you will be guided with compassion, kindness and laughter!”

Lauren L.

San Jose, CA

“Diana is a wonderful, knowledgeable Dietitian to work with – listening to what I want and need, and working within those parameters. Would highly recommend!!”

Jessica P.

Fremont, CA