​Keep Calm and Turkey On



The holidays can be full of emotional land-mines between family, travel, or relationship status… but what you eat during the holidays shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why I’m going to help you Keep Calm and Turkey On! Whether your weakness is stuffing, Christmas cookies or potato latkes (or all three) you’re going to be okay! Here are a few ways to navigate the holiday table without stressing out:

1.  Indulge in the Moment

This surprises a lot of people, but I’m going to go ahead and say it. Eat the stuffing. Or have a slice of your favorite pie. Thanksgiving dinner (or Christmas, or Hanukah, etc) is not the day to deprive yourself. Having said that, notice I say a specific DAY. People run into problems when the feast never ends. Taking a holiday meal with you to work every day until the leftovers run out is not sustainable. And no, it doesn’t count as meal planning (ha!). Eating a slice or two of pie on the actual holiday – a splurge. Eating an entire pie over the course of a few days because you don’t want it to go to waste is a no. So my recommendation is out of sight out of mind. Freeze the leftovers, give them away to your visiting family – just don’t pick on them for a week.

2.  Mindset Matters

I’m pretty sure it was a slick ad agency that convinced everyone, January 1st is a magical day of reckoning. Because that’s what most people set in their mind as some imaginary line in the sand of feasting. But this all-in, anything goes eating frenzy until the New Year doesn’t help in the long run. Resolutions regarding weight are tricky. Better to start whatever fitness or nutrition program during the holidays. Deciding to eat a salad the day after a holiday shindig or walking around the block after thanksgiving dinner will help you feel less overwhelmed by January. Don’t set an unrealistic expectation, build in some balance.

​3.  Be Choosey

​The holidays are full of memories and nostalgia. People wait all year to eat their favorite dishes. So, when you’ve been dreaming about your favorite turkey sandwich or the pecan pie that your Aunt makes just once a year, I’m going to go ahead and say indulge. But, if you’re making the choice to eat your favorite slice of pie then maybe don’t grab a handful of chips or nibble off of the cheese plate if it’s not your favorite thing. Basically, don’t settle. Pay attention to the urge to mindlessly snack or eat something just because it’s there. Save the calories for the foods you truly love and don’t have access to the rest of the year. You’ll appreciate the flavor and the occasion much more.

​And if the idea of eating during the holidays still overwhelms you, reach out and we can
strategize together. I’m always here to help: diana@fitandhealthynutrition.com