There’s nothing worse than breaking for lunch and realizing you’re in a rut. At best you’ll eat something boring and at worst, you’ll chuck it and grab something fast and less healthy. Here’s some ideas to help you create a meal that satisfies

1.  Keep it hot

​Soggy sandwiches got you down? A little prep, the night before will save the day. Whether you’re cooking dinner for one of for four, double your recipe than pack the extra servings up individually and prepare to have a hot meal the next day. You’ll save time and money, with very little extra effort. Great reheat able meals like chili, pasta or stir fry over brown rice will keep you fueled up.

2.   Keep it simple  

Your lunch doesn’t have to be a 3-course meal or a giant sub. It can be a few of your favorite things or finger foods in one cute bento box. One of my favorite combos is chopped up leftover chicken breast, sliced peppers, edamame and some seasonal fruit. Healthy, fast and filling. You can switch out the protein for what you like. Sliced steak from the night before or use chicken from a store-bought rotisserie chicken. Buy prepackaged apple slices or throw in a handful of grape tomatoes. Add some crisp bread and a slice of cheese. Really, it’s just about having your favorite things in one place.  Kids will love this kind of lunch too. 

3.  Keep it colorful

The more color you add to your lunch the more nutrients you’ll eat. (Not counting a bag of skittles!) Baby carrots, edamame, leafy greens, this time of year try figs, red apples… you get the idea. Whether it’s adding tomato to your sandwich or a quick caprese salad, the more color in your meal the better to fuel your body. And if you’re eating seasonal local produce, you’ll never get bored because it’s always changing. 

Do you have a go-to lunch that you love? Take a pic and post it #fitandhealthynutrition. Or do you feel stuck or you’re wanting to make a healthy change? Contact me, I can help.