During the holiday season there are yummy treats and festive indulgences around every corner. It’s expected that we indulge but then the New Year arrives and panic sets in. Switching gears and looking for a fast fix to lose the weight is a common response to holiday weight gain. And a major trend/fast fix that I get asked about constantly is the Keto Diet. So, let’s do some myth busting and find out if this could be the right plan for you.
Myth #1
Myth: Carbs are the source of all weight gain, so if I cut out the carbs on Keto I’ll drop the weight.
Fact: Carbs by themselves do not make you gain weight, calories do. If you eat too much of anything, it’ll cause weight gain. And while cutting refined/unhealthy carbs and those that are high in sugar is a positive way to improve your diet. There are many healthy unrefined “good” carbs that you should still be incorporating into your daily diet like whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetable and fruits.
Myth #2
Myth: Keto diet helps me lose weight fast
Fact: Keto helps you lose water weight in the beginning. So, while you may see a dramatic drop in the first few weeks, it’s likely that it’s not permanent. Add to that you may not be losing fat, you could be losing muscle.
Myth #3
Myth: Staying on the Keto diet is a manageable lifestyle
Fact: The Keto diet consists of an ultra-low carb diet of less than 30 carbs per day. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that carbohydrates make up 45 to 65 percent of your total daily calories. That means anywhere from 150gm + carbs per day. The Keto diet is unsustainable for most people because its severity makes people go off and on the diet resulting in yo-yo dieting which can wreak havoc on your metabolism in the long term.

Conclusion: The Keto diet might be a fast fix, but it’s not a smart one because in addition to the above myths I’ve just smacked down… I haven’t even touched on the dangers it can have given someone’s individual health history.There is a famous vegan cardiologist that suggests that one should only go on a Keto diet if weight loss is more important to the individual than his/her long-term health. And to me, that is not an acceptable risk. There is no one-size fits all weight loss solution, no matter what an informercial or book says. Confused what to eat? You’re not alone. The best way to figure out a permanent way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle is to talk to someone about what YOU need. Not a trend or a fast fix. When you’re ready for some down to earth, medically sound advice with someone who can diagnose what’s best for you, with you… then I’m here to help.