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Diana Urcuyo, MS, RDN, CDCES

I am still seeing patients and clients.

Don’t wait to start living a healthier life because you are sheltering in place. I use a HIPPA Compliant Platform so we do not have to worry about our meeting being hacked. Your personal information will stay safe.  For any cash pay patient/client, this is an automatic option.  For those using insurances to cover the cost of our sessions, most insurance companies are now covering for televisits as well.  PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL TO SEE IF YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY WILL COVER THE VISIT.

Please do your part to stay safe and healthy during this extraordinary time.

6 Ways To Level Up Your Summer Salads

6 Ways To Level Up Your Summer Salads

On a hot summer day, if you’re like me, you don’t want to turn on the oven or stove. And you for sure don’t want to venture out into your hot car to search for a quick meal. A summer salad is the answer! But I’m not talking about a bowl of iceberg with some ranch squirted on top. I’m talking about a salad that is a satisfying meal that, I promise, you will crave all summer long. Read on to learn the six ways to level up your summer salads.

Go Green
When choosing greens for your salad, you want flavor, color and texture. The darker the green the more packed with vitamins and minerals it is. So put down the iceberg and coleslaw mix and pick up the Arugula/Wild Rocket, Spinach, Spring Mix (which is a mix of both), Endive if you’d like some bitterness to play off any sweet additions.  

Protein Power
Now, if you’ve ever eaten a salad as a meal, and then been hungry an hour later there’s a good chance it was missing some protein power.  You can of course choose grilled chicken breast. But if you’re looking for some excitement try a nice piece of salmon, flaked Spanish canned tuna in olive oil, garbanzo or kidney beans work too, and leftover grilled steak is a great option too. 

Fruit Forward
Summer is the best time to visit a farmer market and behold a beautiful array of fruits and berries that are great on a salad. Sliced strawberries are always a winner, as are blueberries (try it with salmon!), a sliced nectarine and diced a apple or pear are great crunchy choices when fall gets closer too. And if you’re pressed for time a sprinkling of dried cranberries can add just the right tart tang. 

Cheese, Please
Treating your salad to a little cheese is a great way to add some creamy or sharp notes to your meal. And the stronger the cheese variety you choose, the less you need to use which keeps your salad healthy. Try one of these: a little feta for a salty kick, goat cheese for creaminess or crumbled blue cheese/gorgonzola for some serious oomph! Or keep it simple and sprinkle on a little shredded parmesan. 

Let’s Get Nuts
Nuts add crunch, flavor and texture without being empty calories like crunchy wonton strips or croutons. Walnuts give your salad some meatiness; toasted almonds add crunch or scatter some sunflower seeds for some umami nuttiness. 

Dress It Up
Finally, choosing a great dressing that ties all these great flavors and textures together. There are so many choices! My first recommendation is that whenever possible you try to make it yourself. Store bought salad dressings can have so many hidden sugars and extra salt that you just don’t need. And they’re usually processed to be able to have such a long shelf life. A great alternative is drizzling some good quality EVOO and balsamic vinegar (or flavored balsamic), then a little salt and vinegar. Or get a little jar and drizzle in the oil and vinegar and add a spoonful of Dijon and a squeeze of honey, than put the lid on and shake for a great honey Dijon vinaigrette. Or add Greek herbs to the oil and vinegar and make a light Greek dressing. There are so many options! Even if you choose a creamy option, if it’s homemade, you’ll know what you’re feeding you and your family which is still a win in my book.

Keep Calm and Turkey On

Keep Calm and Turkey On

​Keep Calm and Turkey On



The holidays can be full of emotional land-mines between family, travel, or relationship status… but what you eat during the holidays shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why I’m going to help you Keep Calm and Turkey On! Whether your weakness is stuffing, Christmas cookies or potato latkes (or all three) you’re going to be okay! Here are a few ways to navigate the holiday table without stressing out:

1.  Indulge in the Moment

This surprises a lot of people, but I’m going to go ahead and say it. Eat the stuffing. Or have a slice of your favorite pie. Thanksgiving dinner (or Christmas, or Hanukah, etc) is not the day to deprive yourself. Having said that, notice I say a specific DAY. People run into problems when the feast never ends. Taking a holiday meal with you to work every day until the leftovers run out is not sustainable. And no, it doesn’t count as meal planning (ha!). Eating a slice or two of pie on the actual holiday – a splurge. Eating an entire pie over the course of a few days because you don’t want it to go to waste is a no. So my recommendation is out of sight out of mind. Freeze the leftovers, give them away to your visiting family – just don’t pick on them for a week.

2.  Mindset Matters

I’m pretty sure it was a slick ad agency that convinced everyone, January 1st is a magical day of reckoning. Because that’s what most people set in their mind as some imaginary line in the sand of feasting. But this all-in, anything goes eating frenzy until the New Year doesn’t help in the long run. Resolutions regarding weight are tricky. Better to start whatever fitness or nutrition program during the holidays. Deciding to eat a salad the day after a holiday shindig or walking around the block after thanksgiving dinner will help you feel less overwhelmed by January. Don’t set an unrealistic expectation, build in some balance.

​3.  Be Choosey

​The holidays are full of memories and nostalgia. People wait all year to eat their favorite dishes. So, when you’ve been dreaming about your favorite turkey sandwich or the pecan pie that your Aunt makes just once a year, I’m going to go ahead and say indulge. But, if you’re making the choice to eat your favorite slice of pie then maybe don’t grab a handful of chips or nibble off of the cheese plate if it’s not your favorite thing. Basically, don’t settle. Pay attention to the urge to mindlessly snack or eat something just because it’s there. Save the calories for the foods you truly love and don’t have access to the rest of the year. You’ll appreciate the flavor and the occasion much more.

​And if the idea of eating during the holidays still overwhelms you, reach out and we can
strategize together. I’m always here to help:

Ban Boring Bagged Lunches

Ban Boring Bagged Lunches

There’s nothing worse than breaking for lunch and realizing you’re in a rut. At best you’ll eat something boring and at worst, you’ll chuck it and grab something fast and less healthy. Here’s some ideas to help you create a meal that satisfies

1.  Keep it hot

​Soggy sandwiches got you down? A little prep, the night before will save the day. Whether you’re cooking dinner for one of for four, double your recipe than pack the extra servings up individually and prepare to have a hot meal the next day. You’ll save time and money, with very little extra effort. Great reheat able meals like chili, pasta or stir fry over brown rice will keep you fueled up.

2.   Keep it simple  

Your lunch doesn’t have to be a 3-course meal or a giant sub. It can be a few of your favorite things or finger foods in one cute bento box. One of my favorite combos is chopped up leftover chicken breast, sliced peppers, edamame and some seasonal fruit. Healthy, fast and filling. You can switch out the protein for what you like. Sliced steak from the night before or use chicken from a store-bought rotisserie chicken. Buy prepackaged apple slices or throw in a handful of grape tomatoes. Add some crisp bread and a slice of cheese. Really, it’s just about having your favorite things in one place.  Kids will love this kind of lunch too. 

3.  Keep it colorful

The more color you add to your lunch the more nutrients you’ll eat. (Not counting a bag of skittles!) Baby carrots, edamame, leafy greens, this time of year try figs, red apples… you get the idea. Whether it’s adding tomato to your sandwich or a quick caprese salad, the more color in your meal the better to fuel your body. And if you’re eating seasonal local produce, you’ll never get bored because it’s always changing. 

Do you have a go-to lunch that you love? Take a pic and post it #fitandhealthynutrition. Or do you feel stuck or you’re wanting to make a healthy change? Contact me, I can help.

Simple Spring Swaps

Simple Spring Swaps

Flowers! Sunshine! Chocolate bunnies! All the signs of spring are here. And with Spring comes new opportunities to bloom and grow in many aspects of our lives. So as your doing some spring cleaning, let’s talk throwing out the old and incorporating some fresh new choices into your routine. 

1. Old Habit: Snacking on Spring themed treats like crème filled chocolate eggs and sugar dusted marshmallows.  

Simple Swap: Whether you celebrate Easter or not this candy is around every corner starting right after Valentine’s Day and can be so hard to resist. Maybe it’s nostalgia, cute packaging or a sugar craving but you eat it not always because it tastes great but many times just because it’s there. Conquer the craving the smart way by having some dark chocolate that has 70% cacao or more on hand. Dark chocolate that is high in cacao is a good source of antioxidants, it’s lower in sugar, less processed and can even be a good source of fiber. And it’s harder to eat a ton because a little goes a long way.

2. Old Habit: Eating out often. 

​Simple Swap: Eating out a restaurant is a fun experience. But now people eat out multiple times a week and it can not only bust your budget but your diet too!  Serving sizes can be 2-3 times larger than what you would serve yourself at home. Which means even the healthiest options can become unhealthy fast. Eating at home, you can control your portion size enjoy better quality food and no need to tip. Even if you cut down eating at a restaurant by one or two times a week you will see a huge impact on your diet and your wallet. 

3. Old Habit: Watching tv after dinner 

​Simple Swap: I get it, you’ve been busy all day. You ate a healthy dinner like I suggested and now you would just like to relax, and binge watch 4-6 hours of your favorite show. But, how about tonight instead, you take a stroll. The days are longer, the weather is nicer, and you deserve a moment to reconnect with yourself, and/or your friend or partner. It’ll help you relax more than tv. And it will help you digest your meal better, reduce stress and get some much-needed fresh air. Plus, if you are walking with your partner then they say couples who exercise together do more other kinds of exercising together, if you get my drift.

Here’s to Spring!